Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Warnings that the author is trying to get across

I think that the author did a good job warning us about dystopia by writing this book. He makes the whole book believable by not having any items or technology that would be impossible to create. Because the book is believable than it makes it even more scarier because we know it would be possible in our world. He also writes and makes the society as worse as he could imagine. I think that the author was scared of a society like this happening in the real world, so he created a book to show us how bad it would be and make sure we would stop it. The last line of the play says, "He loved Big Brother," The author shows in the book that if a society like this gets established, than even if there are people that want to rebel against it, than they are probably not going to stop it. He shows in the book that as soon as the government starts taking away our freedoms, we have to act against them, because if we wait too long, than we will end up like winston. I think one of the things Americans fear the most is if we did not have our privacy. In the book the people in the society have no privacy whatsoever because the telescreens can listen and see what they are doing no matter where they. I think that if the government started taking away our privacy than there would be an uproar in our country. For example when Bush ordered a phone tap without congresses approval a few years ago, it was a huge debate on the news and widly televised. He also shows how corupt people could get if they get power, because as soon as a person gets a little power, than they want more and more, and they will never give away their power.

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George's Blog said...

Adam, this is George from Period 4 and I just wanted to see that I agree with you in that Winston waited too long to act against the government, and therefore their power became extremely uncontrollable. Be sure to practice safe blogging!