Wednesday, May 23, 2007


At first, it seemed very surprising to me that people living in the 1984 society did not know how bad their life is. Than i thought about it and realized that the government controls EVERYTHING in the society. Since the government controls the past the people cannot read or learn about how people lived in the past, thus making it impossible for them to compare their life to someone elses. I think another method the governemnt uses that is very effective is doublethink, because with this the government could control every single belief the people have, even basic math, "2+2=5". Because of doublethink, everytime they make the poeples life more difficult and bare, the people think that they are getting a good deal and that the government is helping them. For example if the government was giving them 30 oz of coffee a month, and than lowered it to 20, than they could just say that they had raised it from 15, and everyone would believe it 100% and not even remember that they once got 30 oz. It is scary to think about how the people do not realize what it going on because if they do not realize it than there is no way they would even think about rebelling. I think if a society like this really existed, than it would work the best and last the longest time if they just did everything that is in the 1984 society.

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Garrett said...

I also think doublethink is the main reason people dont know about the government. I also think the government controls everything.

Kids will never know what the past is like because right when they are born there taught to love Big Brother and become spies for there parents. So kids will never know that there used to be a normal world.