Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was reading on bekah's blog and how she was talking about how she could not fathom how people didnt realize how bad their living conditions were. I think we could not understand it because we do not realize how powerful altering the past could be. If you could alter the past, you could make any changes you want and make it seem it is for the better. Altering the past means you could change what happened, so nothing is absolute anymore, nothing is for sure. In order to alter the past the governement has to practice doublethink, which is also very difficult to grasp as a concept. I think that if we were actaully living in this society we would understand so much better how no one realizes their living conditions. In our society, you would be considered insane if you said 2+2=5, but in 1984, 2+2=anything the party wants it to be, which is very scary. I just hope that this will never ever happen in our lives, because there would probably be no way to stop it.

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