Friday, May 18, 2007


One of the questions that was not numbered said, What happens to the paperweight and how is that important. When Winston was arrested the paper weight was smashed by one of the thought police. The paper weight represented his life and hit hideout. When they were arrested his whole world was crashing down and disappearing, just like when the weight was smashed. The paperweight could have also symbolized Winston's struggle to find out about the past and to over throw the party, the paper weight was smashed when he got arrested because his struggle was over and he couldn't do anything anymore.
Since he is in the custody of the thought police, he is probable not going to be able to find out anything about life of the past. I think that he will probably confess about everything when they start torturing him. He might actually get to live maybe if he follows what they say and cooperate


A mid Summer's Night Dream said...

Nice blog. I think you have hit the nail on the head with the symbolism. I also posted on the topic of the paper weight. In agreenece, the paper weight symbolizes his past and how it is being held down by the law (thought police.) There is even a deeper meaning behind the paper weight. THink about its color, take a look at my blog for help.

George's Blog said...

That was quite a fresh blog son. Good symbolism between the paper weight and his life situation. I completely agree with you and made the same connection as I was reading. It is just too bad that he got caught, I wish he found out more of the past. Be sure to practice safe blogging.